Breast Pump Malaysia | Arley Z10 Ultra Handsfree Breast Pump

Breast Pump Malaysia | Arley Z10 Ultra Handsfree Breast Pump

Now the most advanced and popular award-winning breast pump brand in Malaysia, Arley remains focused on helping breastfeeding mothers enjoy the best yield and the most comfortable experience, as well as helping pregnant mums get well-prepared for their breastfeeding journey ahead.


Breast pump technology has come a long way in recent years, especially with handsfree wearable breast pumps. And Arley has consistently been at the forefront innovation, pushing the boundaries with industry-leading breast pump technology and design.


Already in its third generation, the Z10 Ultra is our latest and greatest handsfree wearable breast pump. It features an advanced motor that produces more than enough suction power for any breastfeeding mum while being one of the quietest in the market. On top of that it features four breast pumping modes, 15 suction levels, and even a nasal aspiration mode + nasal aspirator attachment that can turn the Z10 Ultra into a highly effective yet gentle nasal aspirator. This makes the Z10 Ultra the first and only breast pump in the world that doubles as a nasal aspirator when it was launched.


At Arley, we know and understand that every mother has different nipple sizes that require different sized breast shields to pump comfortably and avoid injury. One of the reasons why Arley has been able to grow so quickly as a brand is our emphasis on helping mothers identify the ideal size and fit for their nipples. In this regard, Arley pioneered this size-focused approach to breast pump selection, has always offered the widest selection of sizes to ensure the ultimate comfort for every mum.

Need help identifying your ideal size? Our highly experienced consultants have helped thousands of mothers identify the ideal size and fit. Contact us for assistance today!

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