Arley Gentle Skin Silicone Membrane – Double Pack (for Z10 , Z10 Plus & Z10 Ultra All-in-One Handsfree Breastpump / Z4 Slim Fit / Up Cup )

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Package includes: Arley Gentle Skin Silicone Membrane – 2 units



Product Lifespan

Membrane: Replace every 1-3 months of use, depending on the usage and condition, or once it is damaged, loose or torn, whichever comes first. *If milk is found between membrane and pump motor after pumping, check if the membrane is torn or loose, and if it is, replace it immediately. A torn or loose membrane may cause the milk to backflow into the pump motor and damage the motor.


Tips on how to maximize silicone and PP product lifespan (not compulsory, but preferable):

• Be gentle when washing

• Sterilize with UV instead of boiling/steam

• Use a sterilizer with low-heat drying (< 65°C)

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